Assignment 1: Website Analysis

There are many factors that are involved determining what makes a successful website and it all depends on who you ask. Some people may be more attracted to a website with lots of flashy lights and noises popping up on the main page. Others may be drawn more to a site with a simple monotone layout that presents a bland look but easy use and great efficiency.

            The purpose of the website is for the company to advertise its vending services to potential consumers. The tone of the site is quite serious and business-like. There is no extra or unnecessary content that takes away from its true purpose. The intended audience for this website is most likely small businesses, factories and other establishments that could use vending services to keep their consumers and employees satisfied. This site uses no advertisements that would likely distract consumers away from the true content the business is attempting to promote. 

When you first access you will likely notice a picture of coffee beans. This is interesting because they offer services in all forms of consumer food and beverage vending, such as snacks, and coffee. This may initially lead consumers to believe that they only do coffee vending. Other than that, the rest of the home page is fairly simple with a description of their company sitting over a photograph of the staff and the company vehicles. The address and phone number is printed in very small light font at the bottom footer of the page, which potential clients may overlook.

            The tabs on the top of the navigation bar display the products they offer in their machines. The first tab is “Water”, which is fairly concise and to the point, which shows exact model of the cooler, they offer along with a visible phone number and email link.

The “Coffee” section is divided into two parts. The first, coffee services, explains the frequency to which they fill the machines as well as an offer to call or email them to receive a full list of services they offer, however, this section neglects to include an email link or a phone number. The second section has a detailed list of the exact coffee products and accessories that are included with your order.

The next tab on the navigation bar reveals a Catering service they run as well. They have listed the types of foods they can cater and again a fairly detailed description of the types of events they can cater. Also adding to this section is a brief photo gallery to the right of the text, which shows the company’s catering staff in action.

The next section describes the types of food and beverage services they offer in their vending machines. This list is fairly simple and concise, however, it also includes their hours of operation and an offer of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week service. Again, they have included photos of some sample products as well as a row of their machines.

The “Freedom Shopping” section may be the most appealing to their consumers. This includes a brief description of a rather unique service that allows for self-checkout at a snack bar. To better explain a rather confusing service, the company has included a short video of a news report done on this service. The video can be played with ease right on the page and includes no external links that direct consumers away from the page.

            Finally, they include a rather standard “Contact Us” page which provides the company’s address as well as a phone number, fax, and email address link. Also included on this page are the names of the president and general manager as well as links to associations that they belong to. There is also a moderate sized scan of a magazine cover featuring company president Ken Sims. Not included in this page are the hours of operation, which were given briefly on the “Vending” page.

            This website has a very simple design and structure. It is clearly meant to serve business purposes and does not have any flashy colors and designs, mainly a burgundy color tone with the company logo clearly displayed at the top of each page. There are multiple links to which consumers can contact them by email and there are many visuals to help consumers get an idea of what they will be receiving. The site is informative and has a clear business purpose and a goal to leave little grey area between the company and the consumers.


Video Editing Project

Basically, this clip is about a guy who walks into to a bar and sees a man he thinks he know. The man is also accompanied by a significant other of the opposite gender. After he repeatedly taps the man on the shoulder the man gets angry and throws a pie in his face to the delight of a pair of women who also happened to be hanging out observing the incident. The man is clearly embarrassed that he thought he knew this man and it is assumed that he leaves. That is my rendition of clips we were given.

Photoshop Project

The website I chose to make is of a girl who is a solo recording artist. I designed the site to reflect that she is a fairly new, unsigned artist, who is looking to gain a following through this website. The website is designed to reflect her “dark” style of music, and the site is designed for simplicity to again reflect that this is a new endeavor for her.

Stills Editing Project

My project is about a young couple who were enjoying a nice day by the river until the woman asked the man about a previous relationship he had. The man becomes angry with the woman and says he does not want to talk about it, and the woman gets angry with the man for being angry at her. They woman then leaves the area and does some thinking. She decides to go consult her older sister, who has always been there for her. The woman’s sister convinces her to go back to the dock to reconcile with the man, and she convinces her that he is a good guy. The woman listens to her sister and the couple talks out the issue and enjoys the rest of the afternoon.

Test Post

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